Friday, June 02, 2006

'Making Babies' - SBS, Australia

Some of you might be interested to view an online video of a studio debate on donor conception issues which screened on Tuesday night on SBS Television nationally in Australia, which I took part in. A transcript of the show is also available on this website:


Katie-girl said...

omg your cute, love the hair

Rel said...

haha thank you :)

Mia said...

What I want to know is how in the world you kept yourself from jumping out of your chair and beating the crap out of half that audience?!?! lol You must have a great deal of restraint my friend.
Seriously,you should be proud Rel. You did well. xoxo

Rel said...

Mia, haha.. i honestly have NO idea. my close friends and family said they could read the emotions on my face. I did feel like getting up and screaming at people, but that wouldn't have helped. I had to take deep breaths and remember that there were cameras pointing at us all!

I was really confronted by the fact that they sat me next to a lady who had used an anonymous egg donor to have her baby :( At one point she said something between comments.. something like "At least they will be loved!", to which i said "we need more than love!!!"

It really bothers me that people think love is enough to repair fractured kinship... enough to fill the gaping whole of an unfinished puzzle. Love helps, but it does not solve the mystery of identity. I love my mum and dad and they love me, but that will not help in finding my father and knowing myself better.

Thank you :)

Mia said...

Yes, it is entirely frustrating and exhausting trying to educate people right out of their comfort zone. It's necessary though if we ever want to see significant change. Keep on keepin' on! Me and countless others have your back. Do they say that in Australia? I've got your back? I hope so or that isn't going to make a bit of sense! lolol

bellbella said...

I watched the show Rel, and thought that overall it was quite well handled. I do not agree with anon donation of gametes (how do you feel about known donation out of curiosity?). I agree that so much more needs to be done to educate the people about everyone having the basic right to know where they "came" from...keep up the good work Rel...

Rel said...

Thanks again Mia!

We don't use that phrase so much here, but I know what it means :)

I'm going to a philosophy 'jam' tonight, to talk about donor conception, self-identity and family issues. Nervous! But i know i will be ok. I might write about it later on.

'bellbella' Thank you :)

I think there are issues with known donation as well.. here in Victoria only known donors are allowed, however this still may mean that people are not told of their true birth origins until they are 18... the "donor" can still turn around and say they do not want to meet the resulting children, which would be really hard on the DC person.

I think donor conception practiced in any manner is way too complicated. It places the resulting person in a compromised position.

If it is to be "known" i think the child's birth certificate should reflect the truth. If this is now such a normal way to have a family, why not acknowlege it on a person's birth certificate and primary document of identification? Also, i think that the "donor" should have an ongoing part in the resulting person's life, from as early an age as possible. This would ensure no confusion on part of the DC person. They should decideon the relationship they want with their parent. At this point in time too many people are focussed on how they want *their* family to be... often not recognising it's in the DC person's best interests to grown up and be known to their biological parent/s.

I'm sure there are some instances where known donation has worked well, however i'm yet to speak to anyone who can atest to this.

To put it simply i do not think that DC is an ethically justifiable practice. I would never ever donate my eggs.... my sister wouldn't donate hers.... my partner wouldn't donate his sperm.. i think living with the consequences of this practice has opened my eyes a lot.

End longest ramble ever......