Saturday, May 02, 2009

I am N.T.

Ok, so screw keeping this a secret... secrets is what made me and I am not going to be an advocate for them, for I know the damage they can do.

T5 = His surname starts with the letter T and he was the fifth donor at Prince Henry's to donate, with the surname starting with T.  

Therefore I am Narelle T.  

His surname is Maltese and starts with the letter T.  

This means a lot to me.... My sister thinks it's sad that I am thrilled with such small news, and I think it is sad, that I have to sit around and be fed bread crumbs about all of this, this information that is MINE.  It's so frustrating, yet I am happy to know something more.

I will visit Malta within the next few months.  I will visit my mum's home town and my maternal relatives, and who knows, I might just bump into T5's relatives (my relatives) without even knowing it.  Either way, it will be nice to "go home".