Monday, February 20, 2006

"Funny thing, sperm..."

When I was about 11 my older sister took me and my cousin to the movies in the city. We all wanted to see "Made In America", a new movie starring Whoopi Goldberg and Ted Danson. We laughed throughout the movie, afterall it was a comedy. It was about a young girl who finds out her "sperm donor"/father, is actually a white man and not an African American, as her mother had requested. The movie has been run on tv networks here in Australia ever since and it was always a movie I would make time to watch if I was home. How could you not like the movie? It was funny, it had two hillarious actors in it, not to mention Will Smith and it had a really happy ending, in which the girl's mother and her "sperm donor" fall in love. Everyone say "Awwwwwww!".

Never would I have dreamt that such a movie would become the only resource I had for the position I was to see myself in some 4 years later. Unlike the movie, there was no easy way of ever knowing more than a few little pieces of non-identifying information I had about my "sperm donor" and my mum didn't seem as funny as Whoopi did when she and dad told me the truth.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Baby factory

This is a photo i found recently of the hospital where my mum was artificially inseminated with T5's sperm. T5 is the code my 'donor', or biological father, as i prefer to call him was given way back then. The picture is the wrong way around, but gees, that's a big place! i always had images in my mind of it being this tiny clinic for some reason. It's strangely comforting to now know what the place looked like. It has since been demolished. i guess this is where my story began. This photo helps me to connect the few dots i have to paint a picture of who my father is... and inturn to try to establish my true identity.

A friend wrote "Rel was made here!!!" on it.. which i think is funny, in a sad kind of way.