Saturday, November 03, 2007

New website for donor conceived people searching for their fathers

A big thank you to Tom who set this up and who is doing brilliantly helping to make a real difference for donor conceived people around the world.


jbls said...

Found your post when doing some research and would love to talk to you more. My husband recently donated to a lesbian couple of ours and has future goals to donate to other lesbian couples. I am also pregnant with our first son, but am struggling to find peace with this decision. I am confused how he is able to view himself as optional, and equally disheartened that he will continue on being a part of this childs life, all the while, the child will be unware of who he really is, until the child is old enough to ask, "where did I come from"... To understand the prospective of a donor child would something that may help me in this personal journey, though I am coming at it from a much different view than you are. I do not have my father in my life and I am discouraged we look down upon the fatherless society around us, yet promote it under these other circumstances, when I see no difference. Either way, thank you for posting the blog.

Warm regards,

Roger said...

Hi Rel...
Watched your story on SBS. I was a donor at Prince Henry's during the 1980's. I may have a snippet of information for you if you'd like to contact me.