Sunday, September 09, 2007

My letter in the Age newspaper

Fighting for the right to know

AS A young woman who was conceived via anonymous donor sperm in 1981, I do acknowledge that not all donor-conceived people or adoptees, like Michael Nolan (Letters, 4/9), are as eager as I to seek out their true birth origins. I do believe, however, that there is a difference in having the option of knowing and not being afforded the right to begin with. All adoptees in Victoria have the opportunity to seek their birth records, while the story is very different for donor-conceived people, especially those of us born before legislation. We have no opportunity, no right to information that is ours. Not all believe that biology is important, but that is beside the point. A person should not have to fight for information that is rightfully theirs.

Whether it is a matter of identity or not, this is a human rights issue that has been swept under the carpet for far too long. I agree with Michael Nolan that life is grand. It is this grandness, this mystery that entices me to know all that I can about myself and the world. I want to see how it all fits, I want to see where I fit, how I came to be and everything in between. Isn't that what being human is about?

Those of us who do choose to search for their information should have the freedom to do so. I love and respect my parents who raised me and I also love and respect the man who helped to bring me into this world. It is important that ALL donor-conceived people are awarded the same rights as adoptees in Victoria.


Doughnut said...

I agree Rel! I doubt you remember me since its been several years since we had contact. Hope your social work major is nearly complete. Going on to grad school? Will have to catch up sometime!

Rel said...

Hi Leroy!

I do remember you :)

I'm finished my classes and have a little bit more of my final placement left, then I'm done. It's a very exciting/busy/scary/great time for me!

I'm applying for a few jobs, but don't want to jinx my chances, so I'll let you all know how I go with it... fingers crossed.

Hope you're well. And yes catching up would be great, although not sure when I will be in your part of the world.