Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Finally, full retrospective access recommended in Victoria!

What a momentous day! Today I was privileged to hear that the Law Reform Committee are recommending FULL retrospective access to records for ALL donor conceived people. This means that as long as the Victorian Government agree with these recommendations I will be able to learn the identity of my biological father - T5. I can not stop smiling!!!

Please see the Tangled Webs press release here :)

I feel like what happened today was a dream.... we have been fighting so damn hard for this change. And it's true, a small group of committed people CAN change the world! Wow. Thank you to the Law Reform Committee and everyone who have supported us over the years to get to this place. I am honoured to be a part of Tangled Webs and now truly proud to be a citizen in this fine city.


MC said...


I am so happy and proud of you! Here's hoping for swift implementation of the full recommendations.

Mary Catherine from Maryland, USA

Rel said...

Thanks so much Mary!!!!! :) I am thrilled with the recommendations and have faith that the Victorian Government will implement the ground breaking and long overdue changes we've been hoping for for years.

I love how quickly the media have picked this up... this very blog post was quoted within an hour or so of me posting:

:) Thanks for everyone's support out there!!

Unknown said...

swift implementation of the full recommendations.