Wednesday, July 19, 2006

They're coming out of the woodwork!

More and more donor conceived people are coming forward with similar feelings as myself and others who are "Not Happy John" with their DC status.

This new blog looks just great!

Donated Generation

Keep on coming DC people, we know you are out there and wanting to speak up too! We can make a difference.


DI_Dad said...

Rel -

When I posted about Donated Generation today on my blog I noted that I know of no blogs by American born or based DC people. Do you know of any? So far the only ones I am generally familiar with are from your home country. I will check your links to see if I missed anybody.

Regards, Eric

Rel said...

Hi Eric,

Yes, there is "Whose Daughter" in the states, who i have linked on my page. She has been linked to me since i started my blog, i thought you might have seen her page by now.

I am sure there will be more to come, don't worry about that! :)

Unknown said...

adding you to my links

Mia said...

Hi Rel!

Just stopped by to wish you a fabulous day!!!

Rel said...

Hi Mia,

Thanks so much. your timing is perfect. I have had some news... i will share it later tonight when i have some more time.

Hope you are well! xo

Miffy[Myf] said...

Hey Rel,

Love reading your blog!

I agree Damian's blog is great too.

About two months ago I made an illustration in my journal for the Art and Design Diploma course that i'm doing at depicted my conception[from my unique point of view!].

Without actually showing you the image[cos i don't have a scanner] -i'll try and explane it...

It features[centrally on a A4 page] a womb with a baby inside...with a drop falling underneath with the initials I.D.

I drew my parents bellow me [the baby in womb ofcourse]-looking very happy[and naive!]-with a ribbon floating about them with the writing "The Love Which Made Me".

To the right of the womb i drew an anonomous hand holding a jar/container[of sperm]...

And directly above the womb i place the docter[in green smocks and gloves] -his right hand is raised as if pleading innocense[like they have to do in court under outh], and his left hand is sneakily injecting sperm into/onto an egg which is bellow -and directly left of the womb.

I also put a scroll into the drawing with the words:
"Ko Wai Au?"
"Ko Wai Au?"
"Ko Wai Ao?"
which is Maori[my ancestry on my mothers side] and translates as:
"Who Am I?"
"Who Am I?"
"Who Am I?"
In Maori this means "Who am I" - individually aswell as collectively -ie. ancestral identity.

So eventually i got the courage up to show it to my dad[it wasn't such an issue showing my mother]...and as we had not actually talked about me being donor conceived since i was seven, he was abit surprised by this.
The good thing is he seems willing to talk about it, and surprisingly is more empathetic than my mum has been, although he was a little put out when i said i wanted to find my donor!

so that's it in a nutshell!

take care, Myf[nz]

whosedaughter said...

Hi Miffy,
I just read your comment and was really pleased to hear that there is another donor conceived person out here in blog land. It's wonderful to hear that your father was so understanding. I think that it's so important that we are able to express ourselves openly with our parents and they understand the complexities of our situation without becoming defensive. Would you ever consider writing about your experience/feelings regarding your donor conception on your blog? I know it is emotional so I'd understand if you didn't want to discuss it but we are always interested in finding new DCP to link to....PS. Do you belong to the PCVAI yahoo group (closed group only for people conceived via artifical insemination)? There are many of us (DCP)there

Big Howdy to you too Rel...hope all is well!

Rel said...

Hey Miffy!

Great to hear from you.

I like the sound of your illustration :)

It's great that your dad was empathetic about this issue. I think it must be so hard for dads of our generation, who were encouraged to keep the secret not only of our conception, but also of their infertility. It's only natural that when we say we want to meet our biological father's that they get protective of their place in our lives.... but it can be worked through, as long as they are willing to be open and journey with us.

Good stuff Myf :) xo

LorMarie said...

hello all,

I am a single woman trying to conceive via donor isnemination (identity release donor). I am so happy to find blogs by donor conceived children. Although I am not donor conceived, I didn't grow up with my father unfortunately. Therefore, I am sensitive to feedback from children conceived via AI. I do wish that more SMC's felt as I do.